There is No 'I' in Island

Tasmanians in isolation, we want to hear your voice! 


Ten Days on the Island has invited Tasmanian filmmakers Catherine Pettman and Rebecca Thomson to create an art piece that will share the voices and experience of diverse Tasmanians currently living in isolation due to Covid19. 

We are asking Tasmanians to use the voice memo on their phones to record their response to one, some, or all of the questions below.

These voices will be woven into an audio/film art project that may be shared with the community as part of Ten Days on the Island's Festival in 2021. 

You are welcome to answer as many or as few questions as you like. You can answer questions one after the other in one recording or feel free to make a new recording for each answer. There is no right or wrong answer and no need to rehearse or redo your answers. Short answers are fine. However it comes out is totally fine -  just your experience and your thoughts.

Record your answers into your voice recorder app on your phone. Try and find a quiet spot without too much background noise (eg. make sure the tv and radio are off and the kettle isn’t boiling next to you) and that the phone recorder is not too far from your mouth. If you sit at a table then having the phone sitting on the table in front of you is great.

As we need to make sure you give us your permission to use your recording, below is a deed of release for you to read. If everything is acceptable to you, we ask at the beginning of your recording you start with:

“My name is ...... I live at ....... I acknowledge I have read, understand and agree to the terms of release for this recording on this date……”

1.    What is your greatest fear right now? What keeps you awake at night?

2.    Prompt: Look in a mirror and describe what you see. This can be literal, this can be metaphoric or poetic and reflective. It is up to you. 

3.    Prompt: Sing a song, melody, line that is in your head right now or that reflects your mood at this moment in time.

4.    Prompt: Do you feel connected or disconnected right now? Who are you feeling connected to and how are you connecting with them? 

5.    Prompt: What is your message to your fellow humans at this time?

When you are done you can email the files to or message them to 0409375649. 

If your server tells you your files are too large to email, you can easily use the free online transfer website WeTransfer

We would love responses to be back by 22 May 2020.

You can download the information sheet in pdf format here

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Film - The audio/film art project provisionally titled ‘There is no ‘I’ in Island’ about Tasmanians currently living in isolation due to the Covid19 pandemic (Film)

Production Company - RUMMIN PRODUCTIONS PTY LTD (ABN 36 605 942 756) with its principal place of business at 14 Weld Street South Hobart, Tasmania 7004 (the Production Company)

Recording - The sound recording of my voice answering the questions provided by the Production Company in relation to ‘There is no ‘I’ in Island’ recorded on my phone / device and sent to the Production Company (the Recording)

I agree the Production Company will own the entire right, title and interest (including present and future copyright) in the Recording, and the Film and to the extent required, I assign all of my right, title and interest (including present and future copyright) in the Recording and any performance rights associated with the Recording to the Production Company. Without limitation to the foregoing, I agree that the Production Company and its licensees and assigns may:

a) incorporate all or part of the Recording in the Film, in any versions of the Film and in all allied and ancillary rights in connection with the Film including any related advertising and promotional material for the Film in all media throughout the world in perpetuity;

b) copy, store, reproduce, adapt, alter, rearrange, edit and cut the Recording at the Production Company's sole discretion and in any format and in any way whatsoever;

c) authorise others to, publicise, broadcast, exhibit, distribute and otherwise exploit and communicate to the public all or part of the Recording, whether as part of the Film or otherwise, in any and all media now known or later developed throughout the world, in perpetuity; 

d) and unless I have specified in writing that I do not wish to be credited, use my name, image, voice and biographical material for the purpose of promoting and publicising the Film, in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity.

2. I acknowledge that the Production Company is under no obligation to use all or part of the Recording in the Film.

3. I release the Production Company from any claim by me or anyone on my behalf arising out of the Recording or the Film and/or my appearance in the Recording or the Film, including defamation.

4. I warrant and represent to the Production Company that the consent of no other person is required to grant the rights I have granted under this Deed.

5. The assignment of rights is irrevocable and I agree that I may not interfere, seek injunctive relief or otherwise impair the production, distribution, exploitation, advertising, promotion or publicity of the Film or any rights in connection with the Film.

 EXECUTED AS A DEED by voice recording agreement at the beginning of Voice Recording.

This project has been commissioned by Ten Days on the Island

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Images by Lucy Gouldthorpe